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Dishwashing Liquid





Lerro’s liquid detergent is designed from the mildest of cosmetic like ingredients yielding silky smooth hands even with prolonged use. This liquid detergent yields a high, rich lather which quickly and efficiently cuts the worst grease from pots and pans. Dishes and glassware sparkle. This liquid detergent is highly concentrated; just one small addition to your wash water works to cut the grease and dissolve food residue. Remember, it is easy on the hands, quick rinsing, and dries without streaking.

This product is formulated from ingredients that cut grease but protect your hands from soap irritations. Liquid Amber is a concentrated liquid that yields a rich lather which efficiently cuts though the grease on your dishes and glassware.




Hand Dishwashing: Add ¼ ounce for an average dish load.

Car Washing: Add one ounce per gallon of wash water.


For general dishwashing use just add ¼ oz. per 2 gallons of warm water.

For crystal and glassware just add ¼ oz per 2 gallons of water, rinse thoroughly in warm water and air dry.

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