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Dry foam removes the toughest soils from carpets and upholstery and contains an anti-soiling agent which provides long lasting effects. It encapsulates dirt and dries to a fine powder without residue; just vacuum.




Rotary Brush machines: For normal soil, dilute 15:1 for heavy soils, dilute 10:1.

Shampoo a little at a time to build copious suds. Move straight across the carpet, overlap each row. If the carpet is very dirty, scrub again releasing shampoo occasionally so as not to wet through. Use vacuum to pick up excess liquid, move in the opposite direction to raise pile and aid drying. Be sure to empty tanks and rinse with water.

Non-Electric Applications: Using a stiff hard brush, clean small areas and repeat. Upon completion, brush back in opposite direction to raise pile.

Upholstery: Use only on color fast fabrics. Spot test by applying shampoo and wiping with a cloth. Check for color bleeding. Dilute with 10 parts water and clean only with suds; use a soft brush or sponge in a back/forth motion. Dry with a soft cloth.


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